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New to clinical trials or studies? We want you to feel you have come to the right place. Contemplating a clinical trial or study can be daunting, so we can walk you all the steps before you start to ensure that whatever you are planning, it will meet all your goals.

Need some specialist help? Our resources and abilities cover a wide range of subjects from the arcane to the complex. We will provide a solution for you directly or put together a team to address the problem(s).

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We realize that our outline will generate individual questions, which might not be answered on this web site.
Bear in mind that all projects are different, and we are always happy to
discuss your project and fees with you by phone, Email, or letter and
quote you a precise price or terms. Our goal is to provide you with
personalized service.

Collaborate with SSI

We also are willing to collaborate in research projects. Areas that we already collaborate in include wound care, ophthalmology, cost-effectiveness of medical interventions, evidence-based medicine, oncology and nutrition, and infectious diseases..

Design Studies

Design StudiesOver the last several years we have critiqued hundreds of clinical studies either informally or as part of a systematic review. In every instance we have come across problems — some small, but many that can be regarded as design flaws. We cannot fix design flaws! What we can do, however, is help you plan a study so that it doesn’t have any. Click on our Clinical Design of Studies page.

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Quality StatementYour decision to use Strategic Solutions, Inc. will be met with quality procedures from individuals who have the education, experience, techniques and skills to provide you with outstanding personal performance. Originally founded by Bonnie Hibschman and Dr. Marissa Carter, Strategic Solutions, Inc. has a firm commitment to excellence and our dedication to writing/editing the words that you need the most, offer to maximize your potential.


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