Frequently Asked Questions

How does SSI help organizations develop and run clinical trials or studies?

First, it depends on how much help you need. Some of our clients just need some statistical expertise, such as power/sample size calculations, some interim analysis, and final statistical analysis. Others need development of a full clinical trial protocol, ability to make protocol changes, help with INDs and other regulatory documents, and help with data collection and trial monitoring, or even an organization to manage the trial. We do all of that.

I understand that Strategic Solutions, Inc. offers a contract on some projects as an option. Why’s that?

We offer a legal, binding contract for several reasons. It spells out the details of the project: terms, conditions, and deliverable's.

Mutual protection is given to the client and Strategic Solutions, Inc. Moreover, should any dispute arise, it will be easier to solve. Contracts are usually available on projects worth $5,000 or more. For these kinds of projects we always provide a project proposal even if a contract is not signed.

What kind of Statistical Analysis can SSI provide?

For some simple clinical trials or studies we offer descriptive statistics and simple statistical tests, such as t tests, ANOVA, or non-parametric tests. For more complex trials and studies we offer regression, diagnostic tests, and various types of modeling such as generalized linear modeling. In general, it is only worth doing more complex analysis if simple analysis has shown a significant effect for unadjusted results. We also utilize various options for multiplicity (control of family wise error rate), case matching, Bayesian approaches for those studies where it makes sense, and meta-analysis or similar types of analysis at different levels when study data needs to be pooled.

Does Strategic Solutions, Inc. offer contracts for multiple or longer-term projects?

Absolutely. Most of these are what we call “blanket” contracts, which cover an unlimited number of similar projects.

Does SSI engage in collaborative research with other research groups?

Most certainly. Currently we are collaborating with several groups in the areas of ophthalmology (cost-effectiveness and infectious diseases), wound care, evidence-based medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and neurological diseases. We are open to discussion to collaboration in all areas of medicine.

Writing Medical Manuscripts

Writing medical manuscripts based on trial or study data

Submission of manuscripts to journals, and assistance with reviewers’ comments, and creation of response documents