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Strategic Solutions Gets Featured in Nature Magazine

In the December 2 edition of Nature magazine (2010), a careers article written by Karen Kaplan features excerpts of an interview with Dr. Marissa Carter, President of Strategic Solutions, Inc

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“I was surprised that we were picked,” Dr. Carter said, “but delighted. In the article, our track record of being able to help two out of three authors get published in other journals following rejection in another journal is highlighted, but our more extensive services are also discussed. These include in-depth editing and formatting, rewriting, and critiquing of studies, including reanalysis using statistical techniques, and use of ancillary data. Most importantly, from our critique, we are able to identify from the manuscript the flaws in the study that likely caused the manuscript to get rejected by the peer review as well as identifying comments that are minor or unwarranted, or at the very least debatable.”

The article also discusses the desirability of having a paper thoroughly edited/formatted by an external company prior to submission, as well as more in-depth analysis that may forestall peer review criticism or rejection. “While experienced authors and scientific investigators can make mistakes,” Dr. Carter cautions, “it is usually less experienced investigators who need help the most. However, when new studies are conducted or new concepts tried, it is surprising to me sometimes the kinds of problems and issues that have not been addressed.”

“We don’t have a time machine,” Dr. Carter jokes. “We can’t fix fatal flaws in studies that have already been conducted. But what we can do is help you put your best foot forward and perhaps teach you how to design a better study.”