Here follows the history of the company, biographies, and pictures of the Strategic Solutions Team members.

History of the Company

Strategic Solutions, Inc. was founded in late 2000 by Ms. Bonnie Hibschman and Dr. Marissa Carter. In late 2006, Bonnie decided to leave the company to pursue other interests. Until that point, she had been the company’s CEO and Chief Editor, as well as being an excellent writer. Her drive, enthusiasm, creativity, and wit was a driving force in the company’s formation, growth, and success, and she is sorely missed.

Following a move to Cody, Wyoming, the company reincorporated into the state of Wyoming, and has since refocused on medical research.

SSI Team


Name: Dr. Marissa Carter Position: President. Year Started at SSI: 2000.

Professional Skills/Experience:

Dr. Marissa Carter was born in England and obtained an MA in biochemistry from Oxford University. Following a brief research period at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London on the pineal gland, she moved to the United States, where she spent 2 years as a fellow at MIT. In 1986 she graduated from Brandeis University with a PhD in organometallic chemistry, publishing several groundbreaking papers. From that time until late 1999, she held a variety of positions in the chemical and plastics industries, working in basic laboratory R&D, pilot plants, and full-sized chemical plants. She has also worked in Sales, Marketing, Technical Service, as well as Product Development, thus gaining insight into best practices of teams, TQM, and project management. Since the inception of SSI, she returned to medical research, and has collaborated with several groups in the areas of ophthalmology, wound care, evidence-based medicine, and epidemiology, the results of which have been recently published, with many more papers in press. Dr Carter’s strengths lie in the many scientific disciplines in which she worked that she brings to bear on medical problems. She is a peer reviewer for the journals Wound Repair Regeneration, International Wound Journal, Ophthalmology, Journal of Infection, Eye, and many others. More recently she has also been given that task of managing the Global Indicators Field Testing Project to Pilot the WHO Global Indicators in Latin America (eye care). Education: Oxford University, Oxford, England M.A. in Biochemistry; Post-graduate: Brandeis University, Waltham, MA Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Kristen-EckertName: Kristen Eckert Position: Senior Writer/Editor. Year Started at SSI: 2012.

Professional Skills/Experience:

Kristen Eckert is originally from Chicago, Illinois and earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2004 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, where she focused on Latin American policy and development. Following a summer working in the U.S. Embassy to Buenos Aires, Argentina, she pursued her MPhil in Latin American Studies (2005) at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. She next worked in ecotourism in the Virgin Islands before moving back to Chicago to begin her work in blindness prevention at an international foundation. Ms. Eckert has over 5 years working in blindness prevention and community eye health, historically working with program development, strategic planning, and project management in Latin America and Caribbean. Kris is in the process of moving back to Mexico, where she was a consultant for various organizations working with blindness prevention and ophthalmology, which led her back to the States to work in research. She is multilingual, and her research strengths are in blindness prevention and ophthalmology, as well as Latin American health and development. She also works extensively on the Global Indicators Field Testing Project. Education: George Washington University B.A. in Latin American policy and development. Post-graduate: University of Cambridge MPhil in Latin American Studies.

Jackie EarabinoJackie Earabino is originally from Baltimore Maryland, earning her BSN in nursing at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to that she received a BS degree in Environmental Science and Biology from New England College. Jackie started her career working in pre-clinical research at Johns Hopkins Medical School, in the department of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine. She’s lived in multiple locations across the US, beginning her nursing career as a commissioned officer in the USPHS, assigned to the Indian Health Service branch. Jackie moved to Raleigh NC in 1999 working as a research nurse at local cancer centers and then for 3 years in the Duke Cancer Center in Durham NC. She went on to hold positions including Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Trial Manager, and Clinical Project Manager working for CROs and sponsors on early phase, pivotal late phase trials, and rescue studies, often with global trial management responsibilities, including working directly on the ground with study teams and research sites across the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Eastern & Western European countries, and Australia. Jackie has done protocol writing, CRF/EDC development, setting up operational plans and strategies. In addition she has written and delivered training for sponsors, CROs and clinical sites worldwide. Topics include Clinical Study Coordinator/Clinical Research Associate general training, Oncology-specific topics (including particular expertise with RECIST criteria) and other topics related to clinical research. Currently, Jackie is the Clinical Operations Manager for SSI, and provides QA and clinical site auditing services, training, and assistance with clinical trial protocols.