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VISION 2020 Congress Lima Peru

The April-May time frame is always a busy one at Strategic Solutions for symposia, exhibitions, and congresses, and this year was no exception.

At SAWC, which is one the largest wound care meetings, held this year in Dallas, we presented or co-presented two papers, one with Drs Tom Serena and Barbara Bates-Johnson on the principles of wound care research, and with Dr. Caroline Fife and her colleagues at Intellicure on the cost of outpatient wound care. In addition, I was interviewed by the editors of Ostomy Wound Management on writing and editing manuscripts for the journal. 

Click here to watch a 5-minute video.

Next came ARVO, the premier ophthalmology research meeting, held as always at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, although in a few years it will move to other cities as it is getting so big. I presented a paper entitled: Do Gender Inequities Exist in Latin America in Regard to Cataract Surgical Coverage? in which I had many ophthalmology co-authors. In addition, Dr. Van Lansingh and I presented a poster on the cost of blindness in Latin America, which was labeled a hot topic, as you can see in this horribly blurred picture! We had a lot of visitors!

Finally, I made several presentations at the VISION 2020 Congress in Lima, Peru. I don’t speak Spanish, so I had to make do with English, although the majority of the presentations were in Spanish. The sessions were long and timekeeping means a different thing in Latin America compared to North America, but we more than made up for it with the superb entertainment laid on by the local organizers. Thanks guys. In the pictures you can see me lecturing (yes I tend to wander around; I hate being tethered to a podium), and afterward with some of the people from one of my sessions.