Writing and formatting of medical manuscripts

Journal styles

When we write medical manuscripts, we generally edit to AMA style, although we also offer APA style, if required. If you have already targeted a journal for submission, we can additionally edit to that house style’s editing, provided you let us know the name of the journal. (Note: some medical journals have stringent requirements regarding layout of tables, figures, and text.) If asked, we will check the format of references; we also offer a further service for checking the accuracy of references (reference verification).

We also are able to offer US or UK spelling and punctuation, if required. Let us know whether you prefer to have the tracking feature in Word turned on so you can see what has been changed. When using the tracking feature, we always supply a clean copy that has been further proofread.

Although we charge by the hour to write so you don’t get overcharged for a particular project, we will give you an estimate range once we know the details of the project. Typical costs run from about $800 to write a simple case study to $5,000 or more for a complex study of some 3,000 words that has figures, tables, and a large number of references.

Because we are extremely familiar with the NLM database (PubMed), and have dedicated source providers, we can obtain copies of journal articles and books. We e-mail all articles, typically in Adobe pdf format. We also offer literature search services; all we need is a list of subjects you wish to research and how far back in time you wish to go.

Formatting of figures, graphs, and tables

Some journals require specific formatting with regard to tables and graphs, and this we can also perform. In addition, we can also touch up or reconfigure graphs and images, depending on the file format. The cost of this work varies, but we will give you an exact quotation, if needed.

Areas of expertise

Through our expertise and background, we are able to work in most areas of medical research. This is an illustrative list of the kinds of areas in which we work with our clients: wound care, epidemiology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, hyperbolic medicine, obesity, eating disorders, cost-effectiveness studies, evidence-based medicine, endocrinology, and metabolism.