Bring these alternative approaches to the mainstream through clinical studies

I have spent years reading books and watching DVDs, talking with people, occasionally writing, and sometimes engaging in alternative forms of healing. But until last week I had never taken a course on regression therapy. So, I spent 5 days learning how to practice Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. It was a life-changing experience.

I had known a little about hypnotic approaches to experiencing past lives and life between lives based on Dr. Michael Newton’s work. Nic, who is part of our team, is a graduate of that approach (Life between Lives and other techniques) as well as being a clinical hypnotherapist and reiki master. However, being a subject and being a practitioner are two different things. I saw things that astonished me firsthand, and I really began to understand why past lives affect our health. (Yes, I know that sounds kooky but conventional medicine is unable to help a high proportion of people.)

We have managed to considerably increase our lifespan in the last 100 years by tackling infectious diseases, instituting better hygiene practice and vaccination programs, and making inroads into the treatment of many diseases. Note that I said diseases; we are very poor at focusing on maintaining good health. However, this has come at a price. It seems that we now have cancer, heart disease, and diabetes epidemics that are sweeping the world. We can’t cure these diseases; at best we can keep them at bay with conventional medicine. In the case of cancer and heart attacks they usually come back and kill. Worse still, the improvements in the past 20 years have been marginal with ever more expensive procedures and drugs.

Alternative treatments are out there, so why aren’t they making a large impact? I believe the answer is first that health insurance won’t pay for them, and second many people (including physicians) are still skeptical or ignorant of them. This must change. The reality in which we find ourselves is not a solid as we think and quantum physicists have a lot of evidence for this now. It all has to do with energy, frequencies, and quantum fields. Still skeptical? Go read Dr. Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics book. Or look up Lynne McTaggart. We need to stop treating body parts and looking at everything as a disease process. For my part, I will become a part-time practitioner and help people the best way I can on a personal level; but I would also like to collaborate to bring these alternative approaches to the mainstream through clinical studies so that all the people on this planet can experience wellbeing.